In-Home Relocation

We can professionally move the piano to a new location in your home or business. We can also temporarily relocate the piano in the event of a construction job, or possibly for a party.

Local and Long Distance Moves

We service the complete bay area. From Maine to Florida and all points in between. We can even assist in a longer distance, such as Southern California, Arizona, even cross country.


We have the proper equipment to move your piano safely such as padded mats, dollies, hardwood carry boards, ramps, etc. Pianos are heavy and bulky. They require muscle to move properly, but more than that they require technique, which we have perfected with our many years of experience.

Piano Storage

If you're in a situation that requires storage of your piano, we can help by providing short or long term piano storage services. Experts advise against storing a piano for an extended period and recommend keeping it at the home of a friend or relative until you're ready for it again. This is due to a piano's sensitivity to large temperature and humidty swings, which can damage it.

Your piano can be stored in our climate controlled facility that protects your valuable instrument. Every piano is blanket wrapped with cotton lined blankets covering all exposed finish areas. This prevents air born contaminates from perematurely aging the lacquer or polyester coating. The legs, pedal lyre and bench are all seperately wrapped.

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Types of Moves

Grand Pianos

The smallest grand piano — a baby grand — starts at 54 inches long and 800 lbs, and the longest — a concert grand — is 9'2" and 1300 lbs. Due to their shape, size and weight, not to mention the fact that they are a fragile instrument, moving a grand piano is no simple matter. Even a move within a home typically requires professional assistance in order to protect the piano and the flooring. The casters are mostly decorative and not very functional (in large part because of the weight each one must support), so you cannot just roll a grand piano around the house.

In order to move a grand piano, it must be partially disassembled including the removal of its legs, and vertically laid on its side on a piano board. It is a routine process for a professional piano mover, but clearly a lot can go wrong if the laws of physics work against you. The piano must be properly protected with padding, and adequately secured. It must be moved with a special dolly that can handle the size and weight of the instrument and maneuver the piano over the path from the house to the truck.

If a grand piano started to fall, it’s not likely that even a large crew can stop it, so it’s essential that the moving process occurs in a thoughtful, careful, deliberate manner. This includes conscientious planning beforehand of the entire move (maneuvering challenges, uneven or sloped sections that can impact the balance of the piano) and which tools are required for each step of the process. Every move is different and must be handled accordingly. You can't rush a move. If the move takes longer, you have to take longer.

Difficult Moves

Stairs, multi-storied buildings, elevators, sloped driveways or paths, tight turns — all present challenges when moving a piano. Meticulous planning and forethought is essential. With Howard's Piano Moving, 30 years of experience ensures that your move goes smoothly, and that even the most difficult situation finds a safe solution. Sometimes though, moving a piano to its desired location just isn't possible. It is equally important that a risky or impossible move is not attempted. Rick is always available for consultations should piano relocation be a consideration when picking a new home.

Upright Pianos

Howard's Piano Moving is also the best choice for upright pianos. Larger uprights can weigh as much as a baby grand — 800 lbs. — and thus present similar challenges, which require similar expertise. Smaller uprights are seemingly a simpler move that doesn't require an expert piano mover, but Rick is still the best choice. Most moving companies require a minimum crew size of 2-3 people. Rick the Piano Mover, because of his size, strength and experience can often do simple moves of upright pianos by himself, which can make him the most affordable solution, without sacrificing quality and safety.





Minimum Charge
Simple relocation in a house
Spinet, Console, or Studio Upright
Up to 48" Tall
Large Upright or Baby Grand
5'6" or less
Full Size "Parlor" Grand
6'6" or less
Concert Grand
Over 6'6"

*Base Pricing for local moves within 5 miles of the pickup location.
*Additional mileage charges may apply.
*Additional charges for steps/stairs (up/down), maneuvers (i.e., tight corners), or craning if required.
Please call for a quote so I can discuss your specific piano moving needs.

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