Scotts Valley Piano Moving

Serving Scotts Valley's piano moving needs since 1981, Howard's Piano Moving is an owner operated business licensed by the State of California and fully insured to protect your valuable instrument and your home during the moving process.  Rick Howard – The Piano Mover™ – will personally ensure that your piano moving experience is stress free and uneventful.

At Howard's Piano Moving, we offer affordable local piano moving services and long distance moves across the Western US.  We can move your piano whether it's a local move in Scotts Valley, or we can transport it within California or to Arizona or Nevada and beyond.

Need to relocate your piano within your home?  Howard's Piano Moving can help.  No job is too big or too small.

Moving a piano is both a science and an art form.  It requires specialized equipment, experience and knowledge of what will and will not work,  in order to protect the piano, the mover, and the home.  An upright piano has around 5,000 moving parts and can weigh up to 800 lbs.  A grand piano has an average of 10,000 moving parts and can weigh up to 1300 lbs.  It's easy to see why moving a piano is both a delicate and potentially dangerous operation.

Rick Howard is known as The Piano Mover™ for good reason.   He has decades of experience, the physical size, and the calm, gentle temperament that make him one of the most recommended piano movers in the area.  He can handle the simple move of a small upright piano efficiently and economically, but specializes in moving grand pianos and moves that involve stairs or multiple floors.